PIETRAVENTOSA  Marianna & Raffaele Annio
Marianna Annio is strong-willed and full of passion. These attributes, coupled with a love for her native land and a firm belief in the Primitivo variety grown in Gioia del Colle, have launched Pietraventosa onto the wine scene. Marianna and her husband Raffaele founded Agricole Pietraventosa a mere 8 years ago and they produce roughly 12,000 bottles of organically grown wine from their 13 acre (5.4 hectare) estate, which includes a small plot of old growth “alberello “ vines of Primitivo, from which they make their Riserva. The vineyards lie about 1,250 above sea level (380 meters) and are surrounded by olive groves and holm oaks. The soil is typical of Gioia del Colle; i.e. a very thin layer of red, iron-rich calcareous soil full of stones that cover a limestone plateau. Marianna never rushes her wine to market, but rather prefers allowing each bottling the time necessary to mature and express the full potential of the Primitive grape. We are very pleased to be the first American importer of the wines from Agricole Pietraventosa!!

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