Perla del Garda

 PERLA DEL GARDA  Giovanna and Ettore Prandini
Perla del Garda is a young winery founded by the brother-sister team of Giovanna and Ettore Prandini and despite the fact that their first bottlings followed the 2006 harvest their dedication and meticulous work, both in the vineyard and winery, has vaulted them to benchmark status for the Lugana DOC growing area. The state of the art multi-level winery was inspired by and created to cater to the gravity flow wine making technique. The estate is comprised of 74 acres (30 hectares) of vineyard that completely surrounds the winery located in the hilly area south of the Garda Lake.  Here the vines thrive in the morainic and sedimentary clay soil that is mostly calcareous, rich in mineral salts and full of stones.
The mainstay of the winery is the production of white wines made from the Trebbiano di Lugana grape, or Turbiana as it was historically known, and Perla del Garda produces different styles of the versions Lugana DOC, Lugana Superiore DOC  and Lugana Spumante DOC. There is also a significant production of high-quality Bordeaux style reds (Merlot, Cab Franc and Cab Sauvignon) and classic method sparklers from Chardonnay.  Something for all occasions and tastes!!
The late enogastronomic legend Luigi Veronelli put it best when saying: "Drink your Lugana young, very young and you’ll enjoy its freshness. Drink it aged two or three years and you’ll enjoy its fullness. Drink it after ten years of ageing and you’ll be amazed by its composed authority. Lugana wines have an extraordinary ability to stand out, something that is rare in wines. If you taste a Lugana wine, and you’re a good taster, you’ll never forget it."
Perla Madre perla Madonna della Scoperta
Perla Madre Perla Madonna
della Scoperta
Terre Lunari Leonatus Lugana Millesimato Brut
Terre Lunari Leonatus Lugana
Settimo Cielo Millesimato Extra Brut
Settimo Cielo Millesimato Extra Brut

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