Ettore Germano

Ettore Germano  Ciglié
The great-grandfather Francis, then with his grandfather Alberto, has been cultivating the vineyard, producing small amounts of wine, but mainly by selling grapes, market dominant in the area at the time. Ettore, son of Alberto, keeps his father’s work, becoming also skilled grafter, and begins to renovate the vineyards from the 50, with a density however not less than 4000 plants to hectare, with the traditional local varieties, Dolcetto, Barbera and Nebbiolo .In 1964 he married Rosanna, and together they continue to work the vineyards , buying several plots bordering the property.
In 1985, Sergio son of Ettore and Rosanna, finished school of wine begins to work in the family and a few hectoliters sold to customers and friends will start to produce a few bottles. Others are bought small plots and Sergio performs the first plant of Chardonnay.
Since 1993 all grapes produced it is vinified. In 1995 Sergio has the opportunity to plant a vineyard in Alta Langa, in Cigliè, which believes that the white grapes can give important results, the experiment is made with Riesling and Chardonnay. In 2001, with the birth of the new DOC Alta Langa, classic method sparkling wine, is implanted a hectare of Pinot Noir suitable for producing sparkling wine , with a little ‘ of Chardonnay . Since 2002 he bought an old vineyard was owned by the maternal great-grandfather, in Lazzarito, one of the historic vineyards of Serralunga. In 2005 the Germano buy land bordering the old plots in Cerretta, about one hectare.
Onow the company consists of 10 hectares of vineyards in Serralunga where they grow only varieties of red grapes and 8 hectares in Cigliè where there are varieties dedicated to white wines. The management today is Sergio and his wife Elena who deal with the cultivation of vineyards, winemaking and marketing, maintaining the tradition inherited from the family.
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