AZELIA wineyard
The highest possible quality in bottle is the principal aim for Azelia.
Luigi believes that one produces wine essentially in the vineyards, with passion, where the quality of the grapes is imperative. In the cellar one works at his best to maintain and exalt what the vines produce, respecting the characteristics and the nature of the grapes. One must be able to find in the bottle all the efforts which are performed in the vineyards. 
Every wine is produced with the same care and attention. According to Luigi the search of the quality must involve both base wines and Barolo Riserva, independently from the final price. 
The procedures adopted in the cellar represent a sort of fusion between modernity and tradition: the past, the history of four generations of wine producers is maintained with the inclusion of modern techniques. Luigi affirms that the right method is in between.
It is always a matter of balance.
All the wines do the fermentation and the malolactic inside temperature-controlled rotofermenters. Yeasts and enzymes are never added, everything is carried out by wild natural yeasts. During the aging the winery utilizes, according to the wine, barriques or large casks in order to allow each wine to express itself in the best way. No wine undergoes any filtration or clarification of any kind. The stabilization occurs thanks to gravity. 
Azelia wines distinguish themselves by their extraordinary typicity and elegance, strongly conferred by the grapes produced from old vines.
Excellent drinkability and impeccable balance are for Luigi two fundamental goals.

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